Fuel tank will not accept fuel, X300, MY 1995, DD6

Hi all,

This is a weird problem!!! My DD6 will not accept fuel and keeps on triggering the fuel hose overflow mechanism at the fuel station. Also when I undo the fuel cap the tank is pressurized and air escapes when the cap is removed. It is not a vacuum. Any ideas??? H

Hi, i have exactly the same problem on a Jaguar 96 XJR. Did you fix the problem?

On the similar X 308 cars, this was an issue with the Evap canister vent valve, or a blocked filter on the end of the vent hose located in the RR wheel well.


Or a blocked up Rochester valve in the emissions control system.

Hello from Salt Lake City,

I am traveling with my 2004 XJ8 4.2 (112,000 miles on odometer) now in Utah. It flattens the hills and eats Interstate 80 for lunch. I do not ever want to change to another car. On this trip, I average just over 30 MPG at 77MPH average speed. It does not seem possible.

I don’t have a shop manual with me. When I filled up the tank in Fernley Nevada, I noticed, for the second time, at a different station, the fuel tank would not accept fuel unless I barely squeezed the pump nozzle handle for a very slow fill. It took almost 15 minutes to add 12 gallons, and I was finally able to fill the tank (according to the fuel guage).

I have been noticing popping sounds from the rear of the car, sometimes after the car has been parked for hours, and sometimes when driving. They sound like they are coming from the fuel tank.

I am guessing that the tank is not able to vent when filling it. When I get to my destination, I will spend some time looking for the vent connections and paths they take through the car to what I suspect will be a canister under the bonnet.

Any advice for where to look will be very much appreciated.

Erwin Van Hook

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