Full throttle not possible

Hi, I recently bought a -96 Sovereign 4-litre, and after some brake and rust- work it was ready for the road.

When driving it seemed a bit slow for 240hp, and we later noticed the throttle not opening fully, even if the pedal was all the way down.
Checking with the computer it confirmed it was only 51% on the TPS.
The throttle cables seemed correctly tensioned (no slack), but when opening the Traction Control Actuator we saw the lower disc/ quadrant (connected to the throttle) stopped moving when the upper disc (connected to the pedal) continued to full. I could manually move the lower disc to full throttle, so it was not stuck.
I am guessing there is something not quite right with the connection (spring?) between the two discs.
Anyone had similar problems, or can shed some light over the actuator design?

Picture of the Actuator.

Not too sure if there is a fault with that TC or not, but here is how to adjust the cables correctly. I would ensure this is right before extra investigation.

Thanks for the info. Think I’m doing everything according to instructions.
One of the checkpoints seems to be failing:

The pulleys do separate at full throttle.
Think I will have to get a replacement part.

Checked the Actuator, and it should be ok. Discs are really hard to separate by hand. Then I realised the throttle cable had a lot of friction when curved and under tension. As a new cable is really expensive, I worked with it to get some oil inside, and it got better, but the discs in the actuator still separated.
Throttle body moved freely, but then I backed off the returnspring for the cruisecontrol quadrant one turn to lower the force on the cable, and now I got full throttle wihout the discs separating. :slightly_smiling_face:
Anyone know which hole in the bracket should be used for the accelerator cable? There are two next to each other.

Today I could finally take the car for a longer drive (to work). Definitely more power available.

Some occasional misfires, so that’s next on the work list…