Fun little project, 3.8 badge

My XK-140 has a 3.8L from a 61 E-type, and I always thought the Mk2 style 3.8 badge would look great, and be a subtle clue, but it’s made to mount in an entirely different way than a normal XK-140 badge.

Years ago, I epoxied a screw to the back to mount it, but that still left the unfinished edge, and it still didn’t look good.

Over Covid shutdowns, we got a small 3D printer primarily marketed to make toys for the kids, and we recently got some “silver” filament for it. I had a sudden light-bulb moment, that as an engineer with access to a 3D printer, I could surely make a bezel that would fit my recently found 3.8 badge. After a few measurements, and ill-fated prototypes, I finally ended up with something that I’m pretty happy with. We’ll see how it holds up, but should be possible to replace it as needed, and maybe continue to refine it, but it was fun to do something “useful” with the toy maker.