Funky headlights

I recently installed the headlights on my S2 2+2 restoration, I’m using the headlight with a bulb, not a sealed beam.

The problem I am having I need some advice on is why does the LHS look like an eyelid is a third closed when on low beam? The width of the light is about 14", where as the width on the correct RHS is 8".

And just to further complicate matters, when they are on high beam, the LHS narrows down to about 5" in diameter, while the RHS is 9"

Both lights have the reflective part of the bulb at the top. Car is about 18" away from the door

Thanks all, Pat



carefully examine the shield ike piece that is attached to the tri-bar. is the one on the left misaligned or knocked out of position compared to the right. Also, are the bulbs themselves identical and both seated properly?

Thanks John, neither has been correctly lined up as yet, but I tried adjusting the LHS one and it made no difference.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what exactly the Tri-bar is, this is my first (and last) Jaguar restoration :slight_smile:

Yes, the bumps are properly seated.

The three white arrows in the below picture point to the three bars (hence tri-bar) that support a central cone or shield the red arrow is pointing to.


By bulbs I meant the actual bulbs that fit into the back of the headlight itself.

I will say yes the bulbs are seated, but will for sure check in the AM

I guess my next question is, the tri-bar, am I able to tweak it from the back once the bulb is out? If so, then I think there is a good chance that is my issue.


Is there a story behind that, or shouldn’t I ask?


Hi Rod, sure go ahead and ask, we all have stories.

I’ve restored (as a hobby) many a Morgans, TVR’s, Triumphs and so forth. For my next (this) car I wanted and needed a bit more of a challenge, and boy did I get one! Not only financially, but technically. The complexity and engineering (some good, some …“huh” moments) is amazing. This is my best car yet, and I’m very proud of it and is a keeper for sure, but at times was (is) SO frustrating. I’d do it again, if I did not know what I know now :slight_smile:

Oh ya, I paint my own cars as well. As someone once told me “if you can, why don’t you”


What paint do you use? Cellulose/2k acrylic/water based?

I used Valspar polyurethane, easy to work with, forgiving and a great out of the gun finish (I used it at 24PSI with a HVLP)


Maybe? It depends how it is attached to the tripod and whether it can be adjusted, and tightened down. If you’re very lucky it’s held by a loose screw that has allowed it to droop. As for high beam narrowing, I can only imagine that switching filament causes it to focus differently by the lens.

My suggestion, honestly, get yourself some new lamps. There are slightly better British repros out there now, but I skipped right over them and installed Cibie Z Beams. They’re like night and day compared to my Lucas Tri-bar lamps. I’m sure I’d lose couple points at shows but not near as many as I’d lose with a Bambi sized impression in the bonnet.

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