Funny xjs incident

I must be getting old to have so many little mishaps… you all can laugh at this… yesterday I was all over town in the Jaguar… every now and then I’d hit a bump and have a weird nose in back… went to check in the trunk… lifted it up and my portable shop phone fell on the floor… unbelievable it rode all over town on the trunk lid… what a laugh… must be a well balanced car!


Had the same kind of thing happen with my fuel filler cap, scrimbonator … Sometimes when I go to get fuel there is some issue with the pump (or w. my cc :blush: ) after I have already opened the flap and removed the cap, placing the latter temporarily on the boot lid. I, usually in a big huff, then drive over to another nearby gas station. forgetting to put the cap back on before I head out again. :angry: Amazingly, except on a couple of occasions, I will find the cap still on top of the boot lid, not having rolled or blown off, despite making turns, etc. when I arrive at the pump at the other station :crossed_fingers: Sometimes, before I even get to the station, I will realize what I did b/c I can hear the noise of the cap rolling around on the boot lid. Other drivers that have been watching the scene probably think, “another crazy Jag owner in action”, or some such :laughing: I sometimes figure that it was for this very reason that Jag, with the later model saloons, devised that plastic “attachment cord” that keeps the lid attached to the car even when off. :thinking: