Fuse # 10 right side still

well I still have the #10 fuse right side blowing, however if I pull the fuse and start the car everything works, it only pops when I hit the starter. any ideas? after I start the car I can put the fuse in and all is good?

David, did you d/l the wiring diagrams from the link Grooveman provided 2+ weeks ago? Have you inspected those diagrams, tracking down the components / circuits that are powered through that #10 fuse that is blowing? Have you checked the wiring diagrams to see which ignition-switched circuits have common components with circuits fed by that #10 fuse? Have you sourced the 20 amp breaker to replace that 20 amp fuse so you don’t have to keep replacing the fuse?

no I can’t open the link.

I guess I will install a temporary fix, going to put a switch on the #10 fuse to disconnect when starting.