Fuse # 10 right side still

well I still have the #10 fuse right side blowing, however if I pull the fuse and start the car everything works, it only pops when I hit the starter. any ideas? after I start the car I can put the fuse in and all is good?

David, did you d/l the wiring diagrams from the link Grooveman provided 2+ weeks ago? Have you inspected those diagrams, tracking down the components / circuits that are powered through that #10 fuse that is blowing? Have you checked the wiring diagrams to see which ignition-switched circuits have common components with circuits fed by that #10 fuse? Have you sourced the 20 amp breaker to replace that 20 amp fuse so you don’t have to keep replacing the fuse?

no I can’t open the link.

I guess I will install a temporary fix, going to put a switch on the #10 fuse to disconnect when starting.

is there a breaker I can install in the fuse panel? I was going to wire a simple on off switch I can switch off before starting then turn on after she’s running.

The short answer is ‘yes’. I suggested this in one of the - at last count - five threads you have on this topic:

Just a suggestion - when posting about a topic you have previously posted about do so as a reply to your previous post rather than creating another thread. That keeps all the discussion and information in one thread, making it easier to refer to previously supplied information.


I needed a break, center consol knee panels and sunroof motor is all apart. just hate to put it back before finding the problem. Glad at least to have narrowed it down to starting switch.

well I replaced the fuse with a breaker and installed a ignition relay, seems to be okay now.

Congratulations! Perseverance pays.

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I’m wondering if I should try a fuse just to be sure.

Why tempt fate? Your solution gets you back on the road. I know how you feel though. My engineering sense of good enough often collides with my purerst sense of perfection.

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