Fuse blown circuit 2

the car has been converted to vacuum brakes for some years. The VCM is showing a fuse blown circuit 2 and it turns out to be no 6 ride level and power brakes.3 amp. I have no other warnings on the VCM. Where is this warning coming from ?. I have also noticed another fuse located in the armrest, . 3 amp not blown which reads power brakes and ride levelling. Can someone please point me in the right direction to correct this. thank you . John

I am "shocked’ nobody has an answer to the fuse question.

I take it that your only issue is the VCM alert, and that all systems are apparently operating correctly. I did a search on this site for “ride levelling fuse” and found a few posts (including yours!) that might make for good reading, if you haven’t read them already.

Thank you for the reply Rodger, the breaker had been removed in the trunk, and as a temporary fix I put a 10 amp fuse in and its good.

Glad you figured out a solution. I had a fuse fail issue when I first got my jag. My jag has the passive restraint system, but it is inoperable. A previous owner removed the two fuses to keep the units from trying unsuccessfully to work. This caused 2 VCM fuse fail alerts, one for each affected fuse box. Annoying indeed. I scoured through many posts and responses and finally found one that offered a workaround. I did the workaround, popped in two new fuses, and voila, no more VCM warnings.