Fuse keeps a blowing

1988 XJS.

Every few days, my 7.5 amp fuse blows, rendering no directional indicators and brake lights. I’m suspecting a bad brake light socket, but I see the fuse also is for “gearbox override switch”. What is that?

Is it transmission kickdown switch or neutral safety switch or ?


Don’t know if they did any changes for the 88MY but my 86 has only two gerabox related switches, kickdown and N safety switch.
Take your pick, but I think that the kickdown has a fused labeled “kickdown switch”.


What did you do last…have you changed any light bulbs lately…is a bulb in correctly. …etc…didn’t you have another post telling about mods to your kickdown switch…seems like re engineering may lead to more problems

i had changed all brake bulbs a couple months ago. The left rear bulb was corroded in place, I’m guessing I could have a bad socket there.

I ended up making no mods to the kickdown switch. If the kickdown switch is on this fuse, I have temporarily removed the two leads to test. If that’s not it, then I’ll remove left rear brake bulb and see if that keeps fuse from blowing.

I guess I can remove fuse and see if my neutral safety switch works? Duh.

There’s also a reverse light switch.

I have seen the wrong bulb put in a socket and it shorted out…like when some one puts a single contact bulb in a two contact socket. Or some such nonsense …viceversa. …anyway try removing things to isolate the problematic thing

Yes, that’s what I’m doing.

Assuming kickdown switch first, I’ve disconnected that.