Fuse location (was Re: [xj-s] Starter Relay/Fuse)

My auto has a 20 fuse position panel.
I do not have any rear fog lights, (anyway that I’m able to
But on my fuse panel I have contacts on position # 6 and
none on position # 16. On position # 6, there was a 10A
fuse. I have remove this fuse and the A/C still works.
I guest I could remove the Fuse Panel and see what wires are
actualy connected back there.
jasyn 1989 XJ-S, 5.31 Lucas

I believe that there were no rear fog lights mounted on cars that were to
be sold in the USA, so you probably would not see any mounted. I do not
know why you would have had a fuse in position #6 - possibly left there as
a spare fuse. Position #16 might well have no contacts, since you have a
V12 5.3L engine. Position #16 was used for the A/C clutch relay on the six
cylinder 3.6L engine. An inline fuse, relocated to the engine bay area,
was used for the A/C clutch relay, on the V12 5.3L engine.

Tex Terry, II
86 XJ-S Coupe V12 GM400 DANA 2.88
Franklin, PA USA

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In reply to a message from A.M. TEX Terry, II sent Thu 17 Oct 2002:

Have been driving auto without the fuse in Slot # 6. Today
several things happened.

  1. The door locks are acting up. When I unlock the auto
    thru the driver side the passenger side lock just starts to
    go. I just don’t know how else to explain. Is like it
    locks and unlocks continously and fast. The only way to
    make it stop is to play with the locking lever on the
    passenger side.

  2. My ‘‘Bulb Failure’’ comes on when I apply the brakes. Have
    checked all the bulb and they are all working.

Have not had a good chance to check the wires behind this
Slot, but all tools are out of trunk and ready to dismantel
dash and door panels.

Have some idea from reading previous Post on these subjects,
but additional input is welcomed…

Thank you,

jasyn 1989 XJ-S, 5.31 Lucas
new orleans, la / for now / ny, United States
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