Fuse number 10 right side

Why is the right side fuse number 10 on the right side keeping my a/c from working?

What fuse is that David? I don’t have any reference handy

there are pics in my previous post.

David . fuse 10 right hand side is yellow 20a. Radio. sunroof. heated door locks glove com light.map light. interior head rest lamps… no 11 fuse is blue 15a cooling fan, air con clutch. this is from specification sec of the handbook 1989. I have the same car.

yes, problem is nuber 10 fuse blows but I lose my a/c as well? Any idea where the sunroof motor is?

the sun roof motor is under the panel on the roof that has the control switch it comes down easy.

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found the sunroof motor and unplugged it, no blown fuse and my a/c is back on! Now to figure out how to remove it and test it.