Fuses in a poor location

Has anyone managed to relocate the fuses to a more suitable location.

Which fuses? The ones in the engine compartment, the ones above the driver’s side footwell, or the ones above the passenger’s side footwell? Or the inline ones inside the console?

The main fuse block in RHD drivers footwell-Pre HE 1980.

It’s a massive job… You will have to rewire half of the car’s electrics.
How often do you check your fuses?

That’s exactly what I was thinking… and lets get the relays in one place as well…

Yes that would be nice, but even modern cars don’t have them all in one place.
Besides packaging, I think that the main reason is unnecessary cable lengths, and in electrically laden complicated cars it could be many tens of meters.

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My old Jeep does just that. A neat little plastic box with a tricky lid. Fuses and relays in neat rows.
And, the legend stamped inside the lid !!! Super slick/

When I did the lump project on my XJ, I expanded the rack on the cowl Most relays now there. Plus a bus bar for grounds… The bar in turn wired to battery-!!!