Fw: Air Conditioning System Problem

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Van: Walter Petermann corsaro@brokersys.com
Aan: Quang Ngo quang@usa.net
CC: modern@jag-lovers.org modern@jag-lovers.org
Datum: dinsdag 15 september 1998 21:51
Onderwerp: Re: Air Conditioning System Problem

try searching with Infoseek. Search a/c then search r406 r406 within
the result pages. Here’s one of several listings:



Quang Ngo wrote:

From: Brett Gazdzinski Brett.Gazdzinski@mci.com

[text deleted]

I cant remember where I read it, and I think it was r406 or r409.

Could you please give me some more information on this. I couldn’t find
thing about it on the net.
Take a look at online stickman games (Opisyal na website) in Quezon City .
This is a substitute from PENNZOIL for R-12 freon. It was posted sometime in
August, I had a look at it on 08/14/98.
Unfortunately it is not available in Holland.
I had my AC-system checked and refilled at the local dealer and even got a
mandatory certificate stating that the AC-system is leak-free. ($30.)

Jos Raven
'92 XJ40 83500 km