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From: John Hurst
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Best of luck finding a body for your 40 horse. I have a similar aged (&
sized) Daimler 35/120 that I bought without a body from the windscreen
It had been sold for scrap in the fifties. I spent ages trying to find
that would suit, with little success. Eventually, I bit the bullet,
designed one myself that used what I had, looked correct for the age, yet
was a style I liked. The result has been a seven seater cabriolet. With
hindsight, may I suggest that this option, unless you can find an original
body that is a very good match, in very good condition, may not be that
more expensive than adapting one to suit. There is quite a large amount
information around that can assist in the design process, and I would feel
that in the UK you would have many bodybuilders who could assist you.

John Hurst

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From: Richard Brown [mailto:rfbrown2@freenetname.co.uk]
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Subject: [DaimLan] Double Six and Lanchester

As a newcomer to this service, I seem to have come in at the tail end of
some discussion of the low-chassis Double Sixes. Can anyone tell me
there are any detailed chassis plans for these cars, and if so how I can
get copies? On another note, I am looking for a suitable body to put on my
1926 Lanchester 40HP chassis and would be grateful for any offers or
Richard Brown.