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Good point,$45 is cheap if it works! (My home rebuild was unsuccessful so
I bought a rebuilt - see below)
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George Wrote: “One checking my catalogs, here’s what I find: New one $1,499
USD!! Yikes. Rebuilt one still $499 USD!! Ouch. Rebuild kit $45??? OK,
what’s in the rebuild kit? I would assume diaphragm and the rubber cups
the slave cylinder, maybe a new locking tab plate?”
George: I split the two halves of my servo by chucking the front of it in
vise, padded with rubber, and using a long metal bar on the studs to turn
the back half. You should protect the stud threads. I guess a better way
would be to drill the bar, slip it over the studs and secure with nuts.

My home rebuild was unsuccessful so I bought a rebuilt, exchange unit from
East Coast Jaguar (sorry I don’t have the number here at the office. I can
post it tonight if no one else comes in with it before then). Cost was
under $200.00 USD. Works like a charm.

BTW, I don’t know why East Coast Jaguar doesn’t advertise more, their
are very competitive.

Regards, John Walker
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