Fw: [Lumps!] Which cam is better for an LT1 lump?

I’d go with the LT4 cam- then you can also use the LT4 intake. That makes for a potent package…

BTW- my headers aren’t really block huggers- they drop straight down from the heads


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My thoughts mirror those of the two previous posters. If this is
going to be a city driver for you and your wife, and you are
interested in reasonable fuel economy, I would stay away from the
Comp Cams Cam that needs a 2800 stall converter, even if it is used
with a lock-up converter. If the cam needs a converter that soft,
it lacks low speed torque. Plus, around city traffic, it will
rarely be in fourth and locked up. Stick with the stock LT4 cam
for best all around drivability and economy with a 1800 stall lock-
up converter. The LT4 hot cam and the Comp Cam you mentioned are
for street rodders. I believe the C4 LT4 uses 2.25 pipes after the
center resonator and on thru the mufflers.–
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