FW: Rear Bearing (part numbers)

I cant open the picture, but the parts list you sent me has an
extra bearing…the output bearings have…
one large ball bearing,
one tripple lip seal
one collar(holds everything on)
and an O ring that seals the plate to the side of the differential.

If your car has a lot of miles on it and you have the whine, you
might want to skip the bearing job, and just replace the differential,
as the gears wear as well. If I had a quiet differential with
a leak at the output bearings, I would replace the output bearings.
I wasted about $300.00 for 2 new output bearings, when I should
have just replaced the differential.
I have a differential with 2 newer output bearings that I dont
need…so if Ron does not want them, they are up for grabs…
cost is shipping…