Fw: [xj-s] 6 cylinder vs. 12 cylinder XJ-S

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Doug Dwyer
Longview, Washington USA
1987 Ser III XJ6
1988 XJS V12

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The XJS and both the 12 and 6 cyl engines were Jaguar
long before Ford was involved, case closed. Mainly I just find the
term disrespectful.

I continue to find it amazing that the folks who make the most arrogant
disrespectful comments always insist on adding “case closed” or “enough
said” and then calling everyone else disrespectful.


'88 XJ-SC (Lucas CEI) Bagheera (47,000 miles)
'95 XJ6 (VP) Kyriell (129,000 miles)
Alexandria, VA US

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