FW: [xk-engine] Crankshaft cracks

Bummer Ardi…
Any of the 3.4/3.8L XK cranks will work. You need the latest crank you can
locate to make sure you get a rear main scroll that will work correctly with
a rope seal. I recommend cranks from '61 through '64 MkIX, MkX, Mk2, E-Type,
3.4S, 3.8S, XK150 (late 3.8L production).

Choose a crank that will clean at -0.020" if possible, straight and crack
free. Have your machine shop check the thrust bearing surfaces to be sure
they will be suitable as they can’t be ground (typically).

Perhaps one of our Aussie listers has a lead on a shaft.

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@*&%%$C^@(**&A#F was my first reaction a minute ago. My machine
shop (yes, in Dubai Sunday is a working day) called me to come and

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