Fw: [xk] XK oil filter questions--Fram CH880PLs available?

Michael, CH880 Fram filters were made by Sphinx Manufacturing here in
Auckland. Within the last couple of years they have been bought out by a
company called Donaldson. I guess that Donaldson make and/or sell filters
somewhere else in the world but this is the first I have heard of them.
Anyway these filters are still being manufactured here under a Donaldson
number.P505658. They are obviously of limited production as they had only
approx 20 in stock. It would seem that they will only deal through their
agents and retail price varies between $26 and $41 NZ. ($11 - $17 US) By
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time freight is added it may be an expensive proposition to get them from

Ken Godbaz
Auckland New Zealand.
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My first step in this process was to give that part number to a friend who
works in an auto parts store. He said there is no current production or
cross reference.

Ernie’s filter says “Fram Filters Limited, Treforest, Pontypridd,

Mine says “Made by Fram (N.Z.) Ltd., Auckland”

Perhaps some listers who live near those places can tell us if the filters
are still being manufactured. If they’re still being made perhaps we can
import a few cases into the U.S. for our own use.

Mike Eck
New Jersey, USA
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Mike and Ernie,
Have you been able to actually buy the old Fram CH880PL filters. I used
for many years until I was not able to get them anymore and I had to
buying the felt filters again.
Larry J

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writes: The filter element that both Ernie and I are using in our XK’s
CH880PL, which is a paper element, not felt. …
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