Fw: [xk] XK120 tires

Just to nip it in the bud, the wheels are not for sale.
But if I decide to sell them, I’m already drafting the eBay advert:

                        "should clean up nicely"

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Charles et al:
I found a set of 16"/5.5/72s Borrani’s in my junk pile. They have 72
spokes, alright, but the hubs appear E-Type-ish ref offset.
While I can’t testify that they where made up for Jaguar, it seems likely
the only other car I could find using a 52mm hub with a 16 inch rim is a
Ferrari 505. BWW may be able to make up a set, but the hubs are probably E
(MKII blah blah).
Another interesting point on these Borranis is that they were shod with
Cinturato whitewalls! Don’t recall having seen those before.

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Ron R & Jerry;
British Wire Wheel can “build” you a set of 16" wire wheels
the 120 hubs and 72 spokes… If I remember correctly, the price isn’t
more that the “standard” 60 spoke wheels.
Charles #677556

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From: “Jerry Oliver”

72 spokes were from an E type.<

Right. That’s what I thought was the case. Haven’t seen 72s offered in

inch, just the 15 inch E types.