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Looks like it was aquality check or something. Rick sent a picture out
to me - and it looks like the same Dave.

Phil Bates-------- Original Message --------

Hi Phil,

I have a very early V-12 in my E-Type, engine number 7S2006 that also has
Dave etched with what looks like a dremmel tool. It is in the center of both
heads. Dave must have worked there a long time.

Rick Lees
71 SIII 2+2

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I’m swapping my pre-HE heads with another lister. While cleaning them
up so I can crate and send them, I found something odd. Both heads have
the name Dave written on them in the center of the exhaust port side -
between where the two manifolds would fit. It’s not really etched so
much as it is polished into the outer casting - as if with a dremmel
tool with a fine emory disc or something. I don’t have a lot of history
on the car, but my understanding was that it was owned by a guy in texas
who moved to CA, and after 11 years sold to another guy that never drove
it - then I bought it about 7 years later, and it has been run
occaisionally by me, but leaked so much oil I didn’t put many miles on
it. It’s a pretty early injected car - engine number 7P25027 - and I
was wondering if anyone had ever heard of such a thing - if maybe it
came from the factory that way, or if it was some bonehead mechanic that
worked on the car. Anyone know about such a thing??

Phil Bates

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