[Fwd: [v12-engine] Fiber Washer on Oil Filter Head]

John Ashcroft wrote:

Sorry, when I picked up the gaskets at dealer, asked about the washer, told
me it was just a copper washer. Got it at the bearing place I got the Viton

What size are these ? Anyone who has replaced o-rings with the viton ones could

you please post the sizes so when I run across a place that has them I can grab
the right ones for the eventual change over. Nothing like having the right
parts needed on hand.


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From: “Kirbert” palmk@nettally.com

You might wanna consider replacing it – with something different
than the fibre original washer. Maybe you can find a copper washer
that will fit. Or maybe one of those fancy steel washers with the
rubber around the inner edge.

From: “John Ashcroft” deerashy@bigpond.com

The plug gasket is a copper washer now.

Do you mean that it’s now a copper washer from the factory? Happen
to have a part number?

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