Garage door opener on 2001 XK8

Well, I read the manual, and followed the instructions (three times),and no luck. Then one site said the ignition had to be on, but not to start the car. OK, did that. Nothing. Three buttons up there, and I can’t get one to work. Am I doing something wrong? A shame my fancy car has to have an aftermarket remote to get in and out of the garage. Any and all advice welcome, and thanks in advance. ron

What model of garage door opener are you trying to control? The Jaguar door opener controls of that era didn’t work on a number of the newer models of openers. Genie door openers of that era seem to work with the Jag control, but Chamberlains then and now, no.


It is a Chamberlain, but I am using a cheap, universal remote you buy at Lowes, and it operates the door fine. A shame to have the feature and not be able to use it. The Homelink system is even on the Japanese cars, and my Avalon works just fine. Same for the Nissans and Infiniti cars. Do you think all Fords got this junk? My one-half horsepower opener is not going to be replaced, and a trip to Lowes for another ‘universal remote’ is in order. What a disappointment.

I’m no garage door industry historian, but it seems like there were a number of competing anti-code theft communication standards back then. Kind of like Android vs. IOS\iPhone today or VHS vs. Betamax.

Now that the standards have stabilized for 15 years, and the circuits are cheap enough, every remote might as well be a “universal” remote now. Less trouble with takebacks from customers.

My 2007 Chevy remote opener can’t control a Chamberlain either, so maybe there was some common transmitter chip used and it didn’t support Chamberlain. They were less common than Genie in those days (though better units.)


The remote on my 97 X 300 would not work on my opener because the opener was too old. The remote needed a rolling code opener to work.

TSB we got when I worked at the dealer!!
419-05 GDO.pdf (477.6 KB)

One last attempt, or two, or three, and no luck. I bought another remote for my newest acquisition, the Miata retractable which did not have the built-in opener. It was a snap, as the opener itself had a ‘learn’ button. Follow the instructions and bingo. Then, the Avalon, with Home Link, needed to be reset. Read the instructions, and it now works just like it did before. Two down, Jag to go. Took the new remote and followed the instructions to the letter. Nope, no workie. Nuts to all of this.

Look into the Bridge module. I had to install one of these when I replaced my old garage door opener with a newer model. Enables the opener to work with older Homelink modules.

Did you ERASE all the transmitters stored (if any) in the GDO module in the car??

You should clear all previous stored remotes before attempting to add yours.

Yes. That called for holding the two outside buttons until the flashing stopped. Then tried again with no luck. Chaimberlain sells a ‘bridge’ that you have to plug in to allow other codes to work. Don’t know if I wish to bother with that.

I had to install that bridge in my place. It’s easy- literally just plug it into an electrical outlet. I plugged it into the same outlet where the GDO attaches. It comes with a remote that you use to re-set your cars homelink. Useful if you have a mix of older and newer cars, or older and newer GDO’s. It takes the signal from your newly programmed Homelink, translates it and sends a signal to the GDO.

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