Garage for jaguar xjs

Hi Guys,

I am contemplating taking my XJS (rust free) from Johannesburg South Africa to Glasgow Scotland and would welcome any advice on -

  1. What type of garage I should build, wooden or conrete ?
  2. I would have the car rust proofed upon arrival (body work) however what about all the mechanicals wishbones, steering rack, springs etc Is there perhaps some type of clear spray that one could spay on to protect these components from the elements ?

Would welcome any advice…

Live in Michigan, USA. Like Glasgow, salt is used in winter to prevent icing on the roads. It is really hard on vehicles no matter how much they are “rustproofed”.
Heated and insulated garage would be best. Our garage is attached to the house, insulated and dry walled, but not heated. Rarely goes below freezing and our winters are much colder than Glasgow.
Wood frame structures are easier to insulate. Hope that helps in your decision. All said, my ‘88 XJ-S is driven year round and rust hasn’t been an issue.

Don’t drive it in winter, leave it in that nice home you are building it. Good luck, it will be a labor of love. I have been bringing a rust free 94 xjs 4.0 convt back to life in Hawaii. Was not driven for 7 years. It’s amazing how much is broken, not all parts are easy to find now. But it’s getting much closer after $8K thrown at it. Good luck Rob
I would see if you can keep the garage above 40 F in winter.