Garage sale find -

Picked this up at a garage sale. I thought it was pretty cool.


Well, the black paint on the lower part of the body could indicate that there was some repair work performed there. The missing headlight shouldn’t be a problem, they can be had new but to get a good match I’d replace both.

Have a good look at the front suspension. The tires look as though they’ve been shifted a bit, check for kinks in the frame.

The chrome marker light housings indicate an early 120, but the grill is definitely from a 140 as are the front and rear bumpers. You might check the serial number to be sure. I’m guessing the chrome markers are aftermarket covers. Given their size I’d bet that’s the case. Anyone ever seen aftermarket markers like those?

I’m pretty sure that’s a Parish Plastics removable hardtop. I had one on my E in the 70’s. Great piece but a bit out of place on these cars. They look bulky.

Can you post pics of the engine and interior? I think I see bucket seats.

Great find. Are you going to restore it, or post it for sale?


Ha, ha. I thought it was closer to an approximation of a 150, though there were not many 150s with fender skirts.
Its funny how some toy manufacturers got pretty close to accurate proportions when copying our XKs, but miss on some details.
Then there were others who came…less close.

This one is marked DAB W NAT MADE IN USA (some letters obliterated).

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Looks like a Jaguar from a Tex Avery cartoon…:grimacing:

Here’s a Tootsietoy XK140, which I got on EBay.
It originally used to be blue, but I ended up painting it the same colour as my DHC.

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Ok, this would be an opportunity to set forth my theory of why we all love British cars…
When we were little kids playing with toys, the toys we found to be the most comfortable in our hands seemed to be the British toy cars…it seems like the rear ends of a large proportion of British automobiles had that familiar smooth rounded shape, which we grew to love…and still fits comfortably in our hands while playing on the floor…

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Alright, -awright!!

This was a trophy to my rent’s, somewhere in the 60s: I’ve always been amazed how accurate it is, given it’s a cheap plaster model.

![IMG_2467 (2)|623x500(upload://l84Ys6JCon4niK3Vq8L2IuQYLIb.jpeg)

Gary: I have a friend who has collected die-cast models for years and every time he visits a flea market or show if he spots any Jaguar models he picks them up. Over the years he has given me some 8 different models in varying scales from an SS100 to the XK140 and XK120 pictured.

The XK140 DHC is a Chinese made product by “Sun Star” in 1/24th scale. It has incredible detail, even down to the red tell-tales on the sidelights and wood grain dash and door capping. It did not come with spats, but as it is a steel wheeled example I made up a pair for more accuracy. The Corgi rendition of HKV 500 came with a windshield and convertible top, the number 7 decal in the middle of the doors and, unfortunately a 3 spoke steering wheel. I removed the windshield, top and numbers from the doors painted the steering wheel white and highlighted the tail light plinths, budget locks on the spats, bonnet badge etc. in silver. I then moulded a cowling for the aero screen and rear view mirror using a small piece of aluminum foil in lieu of glass and cut clear plastic to make the racing screen. The final touch being the use of a pin cut to size for the lower frame of the plexi-glass screen. Finally, I used a decal sheet I had to place the #7 correctly on the rear edge of each front wing and on the front of the RF wing. Now it is a slightly better interpretation of HKV 500 as it ran in the 1949 Silverstone Production Sports Car race (minus the dented LF wing!).



Well, there goes any chance of getting the big bux on BaT…:grimacing:

Have you ever tried replicating the proportions of an XK, E-type, Mark 1 or 2 while scribbling on a piece of paper? Give it a try, near impossible. Granted I’m no artist but I reckon the lines of a classic Jaguar are testament to how gifted the original Jaguar designers were.

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…they were still reveling in their victory over Gerry. Some things just can’t be repeated.