Garrington 4” adjustable

I’m looking to complete a 3.8 Etype tool roll. I could use an original garringtons adjustable Wrench also interested in any other original tools.

I completed my set with the help of Vintage Jag Parts, they had everything:

Hello, I have a very large collection of original tools, and tool kits. These are for the early Jags MK V, Xk 120, 140, 150, Mk VII, I, II, 3.8s, and of course E-Types. Please let me know what all you need, I have both style Garringtons 4" adjustable, complete sets of 4 matching brand wrenches on and on. Thank You, Jim.

Hi James, Sent you a private message, can you advise if rec’d. please? thanks Harold

Harold, Very sorry for my delay, I got behind on chores over the weekend now I have to Hustle again. I am sorry but I do not have what you are looking for, I don’t go that far back any more. I do have a lot of parts and tools/kits for MK VII, MK I, 3.8s, 420, S. 1&2 XJ 6, and S. 1&2 E-Type. Feel free to pass on my contact info. Thank You, Jim.