Garroway/Wayne Carini SS100

This 3 1/2 SS100 has clearly been worked on, with really nice paint. But too many “special” features to list.
It was at “Concours of America” at St John’s Michigan today. Huge rain storm last night caused the hosts to close the normal golf course parking, and the organizers did a great job reconfiguring to the parking lots early this morning. The 60th anniversary Etype display wound up the first cars seen as people came thru the ticket tents. Dave

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The interior would lose it quite a lot of points if it were entered for concours.


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I was wondering about that upholstery on the interior. It wasn’t something I would have associated with Sir William. If this is supposed to be 100% as originally delivered, perhaps a customer wanted this as a bespoke fitment.

What kind of creature perished for the sake of that interior? Reminds me of a reptile.


It wasn’t
Garroway wanted a lizard skin interior and put it in
I saw the car for awhile as I had a shot to buy it
Nice piece but as they are tanking
I’m happy
I could lay 59 cents on the dollars 3 years ago
Nice though

OK, I should have read the photo with the placard. I thought it might be alligator skin but when I searched on photos of alligator skins it didn’t look right - I suppose only the sides of the hapless animal are used.

I thought it might be specific to someone in the Americas, not the UK. :slight_smile:


What is the maroon car beside the SS100? Can’t see much of it in the photos but looks like it might be a Fiat 8V Supersonic. If so, mmmm, very nice.

Are you sure that’s Garroway’s car? His was 39067, white with dark brown alligator skin interior and an XK120 engine.

I worked on that car, when it was locally owned: it was OEW, then.

It was alligator, and Dave Garroway stitched it himself (on Garroway’s car, which the dark green one is not, unless it’s been repainted).

P100 headlamps, wrong horns, wrongly placed side lights and no aero screens would also lose it a few concours points. Is it actually an SS100 or a replicar?


AFAIK the Ghia Supersonics all look the same regardless if they are on Fiat 8V, Lancia or Jaguar chassis.

I have seen two Jaguar XK120 Ghia Supersonic coupés, that maroon car could be the third one I have heard exists.


Yes, terrible, imagine if it was cowhide? We often just blank out such things - I know I do, sadly.


It’s definitely the ex-Garroway SS100. It was for sale at the same time that I wound up buying #39064. Yes, it was white then, and had even more modifications including long trumpet horns on the exterior.
I chose #39064 because it was basically stock, very worn, but unrestored. The Garroway car had been cut up quite a bit for the DOHC engine. I was a little surprised that it has now been through a repaint to black and I believe reupholstered in alligator and left so many non authentic modifications. Items like correct headlights and horns and instruments are available. But we all know - you pay your money and make your choices. Dave

Dave Garroway was a TV personality and did all that stuff to it back in the 1950s when nobody cared about concours. I would have thought the new owner would have kept the car as Dave did it, more as a piece of history than a concours contender. But maybe Garroway is getting to be a forgotten identity and history is less important than trophies.
A gator got a little boy not long ago in Florida, so no sympathy for them varmints from this quarter.

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Yea… I’m sure few people under 70 recall Garroway: I think it’s a loss of history the car wasnt kept as Dave envisaged it. It was a period “hot rod.”

Steve Roberts was almost as interesting a guy as Garroway: I’ll see if I can find the photo he gave me, of its pumpkin stem key fob…:jack_o_lantern:

The personalized license plates speak volumes about the size of the current owner’s ego.

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If we are talking about the “Garroway” plate, it is at least tipping a hat towards Garroway, My objection is they took the unique character of Garroway’s vision…and utterly changed it. It’s really no longer the Garroway car: it’s now the Carrini car.

Shame really it was cool the way it was…Now over restored to revision history.

Here’s a little video with Carrini talking about the car right after he bought it. At that time he said he wanted to keep it original as it had such an interesting history. Guess he changed his mind.

I wonder if ol’ Wayne-o still has it in the “Garroway” collection? I think his ‘updating’ ruined a good bit of the car’s history: I know Steve Roberts wouldn’t be happy.