Gas tank filler neck problem, gas station woes

(Gunnar Helliesen) #1

Tip: If you own an early F-Type and you’re having problems filling gas at some/most pumps, take your car to the dealer and insist in being included in the program for getting a replacement gas tank filler neck under warranty.

I would experience most gas pumps “clicking off” and stopping the flow of gas, even though the tank was clearly not full. It would take me forever to fill up, trying to move the nozzle in this direction or that, in order to keep the gas flowing.

After several complaints, the dealer eventually applied on my behalf to have my car included in a refit program. Jaguar replaced the filler neck and gas cap at no charge. Since then my experience at the gas pump has been much better, if still not perfect.


(Maxwell Heazlewood) #2

And it’s not just Jaguars that have this problem…you will find it’s with most cars with their stupid, over complicated anti-pollutuion filling systems ;o]


One way to mitigate this problem is to turn the spout upside down and use a slow fill rate. A gas station attendant taught me this and it has worked every time.