Gasket on oil filter housing to block 4.2 XJ6. Silicon or no?

(cdscds) #1

hello all,

Tecalemit filter housing on series one XJ6.

Replacing perished rubber drain hose to pan which was a serious leak source.

Now that I have it apart, do I just fit the gasket between the block and housing dry like it looks like it has been.

Or do I use a light smearing of some silicon?

I have: Yamabond R, permatex ultra black, permatex ultra grey, permatex orange, and my last tube of wellseal (which I normally only use for head gaskets)

Any quick advice would be greatly appreciated.

Regards all

cds (another Carl)

(Robin O'Connor) #2

Your choice at the end of the day, was the original leaking? If not then back on dry but if you want a bit of reassurance then a light smear of oil compatible goo out of your extensive choices.

(cdscds) #3

Thank you Robin,

I did put on a light coat of yamabond as it went back on.

Gonna give it a day to cure and then fill her up with oil.

Here’s hoping the leak is gone.


(Lee140FHC) #4

I have had success with the spray-on copper coat.

(Erica Moss) #5

Dealer’s choice. I’m fond of the Permatex “Indian Head” shellac as it hardens and can’t snake.

(Rob Reilly) #6

I would not put it on dry. I would use Permatex No. 2, a small bead all around.

(cdscds) #7

Hello all, thanks for the suggestions, I used the yamabond as it was designed for split engine casings.

Started up, got the motor warmed up and she leaks no more from that area.

In the end I had found my drain tube hose back to the sump was dried out and rotted, causing the major leak I was chasing. The job was much easier to do with the housing off.

Regards all