Gauge steel in 2000 XKR

Appreciate some help. How do i find the gauge of steel used in the side panels of my 2000 jaguar XKR? Thank you

Paul Adams;
The first, and most important thing about seeking/finding information about your Jaguar XK R
is to BE SURE you are asking the question on the correct Jag-Lover’s Forum. ;-}
Example… I own an “XK” Jaguar… BUT it was Sir William’s ORIGINAL “XK”… The 1948-1954 XK120… Not Ford’s interpretation of what Henry THOUGHT an “XK” Should be!! (Ford owned Jaguar from 1999 to 2008… NOW TATA Motors [India] owns the Jaguar name)
That said, there are tools (gauges) that actually help one to determine the “Gauge Thickness” of sheet metal…
Charles #677556

thank u, appreciate it

Moving this to the appropriate forum.

The gauge of the steel used is one aspect. More important perhaps is the material itself. Whereas our old cars were made with panels formed out of 18 and 20 gauge mild steels, modern cars like the XKR use AHSS - “Advanced High Strength Steel”, usually 20-22 gauge. Difficult to work with and maybe generally unavailable in sheet form.

thank you, very helpful