Gear box covers on a MK II

I understand, and this is what I need your advise on please, is that there is more than one style of gear box cover available for the Mk II gear box other than the one in the attached photo. I need a cover that will position the shifter more towards the middle of the box, if at all possible.

If there is a cover available that will do this, any chance you have one or know of anyone who may?

If not, any brilliant out of the box thinking on how I could achieve this?
Thanks, Pat

This is a E-type gearbox , don’t know if the top is just a bolt on job !

Pat , the gearbox shown is XJ6. To position the gearstick forward you need a cover
fitted to Stype 420 4.2 Etype or late MK2 all syncro gearboxes.
BTW the XJ cover is sought affter, someone might swap.
If you are fitting this box to a MK2 you will have to modify the bellhousing starter position OR
change the flywheel / srarter combination to 4.2 all syncro, UNLESS the gearbox is fron a 2.8
XJ in which case no problem.
Photo shows a template for a 4.2 bell placed on a MK2 / 2.8 XJ bell.
Peter B1538060872100 1538060873234
I forgot to state the MK2 bell is not a sraight change to the XJ box.

Pat , because it might be of interest to other posters I am replying to your PM on the forum.
The top cover shown is fitted to XJ models and the rare Daimler 250 manual box option.
The gearbox shown is all syncro which, although it has a MK2 number, has been fitted
with a XJ top cover. If possible PM a photo/s of the Morgan box.
Peter B.

Thanks Peter, I wonder if then as the numbers say it’s a MK II they fitted it with an XJ cover, for the early XJ models. As far as I know this is a stock off the shelf gear box, I guess someone at some point could have changed covers, but I don’t think so.

I still would very much like to know every one reading this, is are there other covers that would locate the shifter further forwards?


Not sure how it relates to Mk2 but older Mk1 & XK non-OD trannies have a shifter in a forward position.