Gear box mounting S1 E Type

I am aware that early 3.8 boxes were secured via two bobbins which located the box in a set position, all other e types rest on a spring. Does anyone have a quick fix for a kit or similar to secure a 4.2 box and delete the spring option. My concern is prior to fitting the engine stabiliser the gbox has about 3 inches vertical movement, 1.5 up and down. Once the stabiliser is fitted this deflection is reduced but the strain is transmitted to the bulkhead. I have replaced the spring with a tall poly bush arrangement but wondered what other have done.

One could make a urethane bump snubber, inside the spring?

Essentially what I have done, which makes it sort of semi rigid, but I deleted the spring as there was no compression as the box sits on the poly bush. I was wondering if there was a kit, or what others had done.

I suppose you could see if you could find an early tailshaft housing and mount: Tweety had that, and it seemed a better arrangement.

Moss boxes are cheap enough. Maybe you could carve up the rear housing for a bobbin unit, and graft it to a 4.2 rear? I’m kind of surprised it’s an issue for you. With the foam inside the tunnel cover, upward travel is severely restricted. My Moss might bounce down half an inch at most and that isn’t all transmitted to the bulkhead, it’s managed by the two rubber shock mounts.

Were you running it with both spring pads? I wonder if your spring was weak.

My concern using the standard spring arrangement was the forces transmitted into the bulkhead via the centre steady. The shell is all aluminium for my Low Drag project. Jaguar must of had similar concerns as all LWE’s had this area strengthened with an additional bracket.

I have found a specialist supplier who sells a rubber mount to replace the spring, a straight bolt on replacement. Many thanks for those who responded.

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