Gear Change Lever for MKV

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The gear change lever on my MKV is the cranked type.

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It is quite short and not at all easy to use. It may well have come from and XK120?
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The gear change lever on my MKIV is 10.5" long and much easier to use. Most of the usual suppliers offer a new gear change lever which is only 7.5" in length which is the same as the one fitted to my MKV at present. I guess fitting a MKIV gear change lever would be much better but where to find one?
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For the Mark V, I have both the straight C.1917 and cranked C.1917/1 Change-Speed Lever. I prefer the cranked one leaned forwards as I like it away from the seat squab. I can see why you might like a longer throw lever, though I don’t mind the throw on the C.1917 or C.1917/1. Both C.1917 levers are a little over 7 inches in the chrome to end-of-gearknob threads and 9.5 inches total length end to end.

Page 26 parts catalogue indicates the '46-'48 Mark IV used the same C.1917 Change-Speed Lever. The '38’47 cars are listed, and in the plate, with a different design Change-Speed Lever C.879

My Mark V has the cranked type which was in it when the car came to me in 1969, and it is the original JH serial no. so I presume the lever to be original and the same as Roger describes.
The one in my XK120 is also cranked but quite a bit shorter.
The one in my '38 SS is longer than the Mark V and cranked to the rear, but has a different bottom end configuration for the different top cover used on the double helical gearbox.

So sorry, I neglected to thank both of you for the information, Roger and Rob. I’ll try and find a longer MKIV lever and see how that goes.
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