Gear Lever stuck in Park

G’day all

Have searched the archives for the various solutions to this problem with the XJ8 and others. No solutions there.
My auto electrician says could be in the immobiliser system but his Diagnostics cannot communicate with the cars computer.

Any ideas anyone.

thanks in anticipation


Brake pedal switch?.

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The X300 on this forum refers to sedans from 1994 to 2009 so XJ8 is really no information.

Different selector levers used in the X308 and X350/351.


the XJ8 or X308 factory designation has been around for 23 years so why isn’t there plenty of info on this model?

the usual things brake pedal switch, gearlever interlock solonoid and the 2 micro switches near the gear lever have all been bypassed by the auto elec but the engine will turn but not fire. Next step is to reset the engine immobiliser. Thanks for your input


So has the problem changed from stuck gear lever to a no start situation?

Well, put the key in, turn key to power on then JAMB THE CRAP out of the brake pedal, it should free the switch…If not the turn off the car and there is a star screw head on the right…un do the screw and flip the tab and you are unlocked.

If its case of the engine not firing have you tried turning the engine over with the accelerator fully depressed in case its been flooded. Or have you suffered wash down of the cylinder bores? In which case you need to inject a small amount of oil into each cylinder.

Now looking at the ECU. My friend is a diagnostic guru (works in the air defence industry - has all the right testing gear). First thought it was the small antenna that encircles the key housing and picks up a signal from the key that allows the starting sequence- he’s decided this is not the cause.

Alas this is not your ordinary stuck gear lever/ release solonoid I wish it was.

My 300 is a 96, no radio key, occasionally seems to be stuck as well, have reached over and cycled the door locks, sometimes helps, but reading this maybe as I’m twisting I may be stomping the brake pedal more. Sometimes I miss the older analog dumb cars.