Gear shift not acting properly in 2008 type

P0735 code and my 2008 X type has an issues with the gear shift. I have to put it in gear repeatedly to get it in gear. Seams to be worst as the car gets warmer. Does anyone have any suggestion?

Welcome to the forums Roy, I take it it is an auto box we are talking about, have (can) you check the fluid for level and colour? That would be the first thing to look at, also how many miles/Klms on the car?

I drained the fluid and only got about a quart and it was black and does not smell good. I do not know how much fluid to put in it and it is an automatic AWD. I read a few post on line and they all said to put 3.5 quarts so I did and drove a quarter of a mile and I got a transmission fault so I probably put too much in it. I am going to drain it all out but I would like to find some information on just how much transmission fluid to put in it. The car has 146,000 miles.

Hmm not sounding good, have you tried YouTubing to see if there is any information? Do not limit your search to Jaguar, try Ford Mondeo as well.

I’m still digging. Hopefully i can figure it out :slight_smile:

Ford’s were only 2WD so I don’t think you can rely on info on capacity to be transferable.

A common mistake on X Type service is to leave the air scoop off after oil changes. This leads to overheating of the transfer case.

Perhaps for the small engine, I’m fairly sure the larger engines could be purchased with all 4 driving.