Gearbox; all Synchro va Moss

I have recently purchased an all synchro gearbox for my Mk2.
On the cover it is stamped with the prefix JBN. The shift lever and linkage is missing. My question is, is the all synchro gearbox essentially the same as the Moss with the simple addition of the synchro on first gear, or is it a whole new design? Will I be able to transplant the shift lever mechanism from my old mouse box to the new box?

The box is internally quite different.


If all you are missing is #48 and bushes, I’m pretty sure we’ve successfully fitted a Moss one on an all synchro box on an E type.

If you are also missing #42 I’m not so sure and I’m pretty certain you can’t swap a top from a Moss to an all synchro box.

Thanks very much. The diagram is very helpful.
I don’t have item 42, I would call it a pivot. I see a boss protruding from the top cover, and I assume this pivot mounts into the hole on that boss.
Can anyone suggest a place where I could purchase individual pieces like this?
If anyone in the San Diego area has one of these that I could examine I would appreciate the opportunity to do so. I have a machine shop, so I could fabricate the parts if I knew the dimensions.

I would give Jaguar Heaven, in Stockton a call. They part out all years and all models of Jaguars and have been in business for years.

Steve Barratt, who is on EBay as Strilingmess, will likely have them.