Gearbox cover seals?

SNG lists a seal at front of gearbox cover and a seal under the gearbox cover …and they are NLA.

My cover has a soft gasket made of some spongy red material at the front and nothing was under it.

Did you all make your own gaskets or just fill the thing up with goop?

Goop isn’t a great idea. You’ll curse the first time you have to remove it. I glued a thin strip of felt under the edge of the sides of the cover and on the leading edge. If you have a decent fitting piece of foam over the g-box and tucked inside the tunnel it should block most of the hot air anyway.

you weren’t worried about the felt retaining water up against the metal?

I try and avoid deep puddles :wink:

Sometimes you have to live life on the wild side.

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especially if the puddles are big enough to have a name :wink:

You should be able to get a whole kit. The one I got recently had thin paper gaskets. So you could just make your own.

Mine had a grey putty-type material squished between the surfaces. It was still plyable.

what ever they used to fill the gap all around and up front, even with the gasket was hard as a rock. I had to use a heat gun to get it off.

Apologies if I misread this. I was speaking of my trans tunnel cover. If you meant the gearbox itself, they’re paper gaskets. I’d definitely use goop on them, especially the front one. The whole thing doesn’t need to be slathered but I’d put a couple concentric rings of black permatex around the shafts otherwise drips are likely. I also glue my input shaft seal in place and lube it so it isn’t running dry the first time it’s started.

That makes two of us… (brilliance in pairs?) I also was referring to my trans. tunnel cover.

No that is correct. I was talking about the horribly fitting piece of metal that sits over the transmission through which the gear shift pokes

View upon initial removal of tunnel cover. Can’t vouch to the originality of a 50 year old tunnel though.

Vacuum bagging tape is AWESOME!

in the pic, towards the front of the unit, away from the gear stick, where that depression is stamped and the metal is almost at 90 degrees, do you have any welding beads?

I’ve got gaps way bigger than 1/8 inch that I need to fill up

Bagging tape is about 1/4 inch thick.

This view?

I used some plumbing putty tape I found at my local ACE Hardware. Here is what it looks like:

This stuff wont harden and can be removed cleanly if necessary.

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That looks like the same material as mine

I see a gasket there. Looks 0080ca096f81e47cc1b3a0a62b9842b0e02ebcfd_2_666x500

the same as I found but mine was larger and covered the holes.