Gearbox fault message

(martin mindling) #1

Hi, this is Martin in Ohio. Many thanks to Eric Capron and other UK guys who have helped with problems on my 2000 XK8. The Gearbox Fault light now pops on after driving five or six miles, with a very slight bump from the transmission area. Have changed the transmission fluid with spec new fluid and also a new battery installed a few days ago, all of the other fault codes have been eliminated except the gearbox fault.
My OBD II reader is useless because it doesn’t get past the CAN code 1624. My friend Dan has a new Snap-On Apollo II fault reader which we mean to try. What’s the more likely codes to look for?. The warning light together with the slight bump when it lights up has me worried. Car has 47,000 miles only. After the light and the bump, it seems to lose low speed power although drives fine at highway speed.
Any advice appreciated. Thank you all, Martin

(Andrew Waugh) #2

If you’re lucky it may just be the connector down at the bottom of the pan. I did one of these a few months ago. It looks impossibly tight, but if you remove the silver heatshield you have just enough to get the connector out and fit a new one.

The trans has no dipstick, but there is a filler tube at the rear of the engine. Checking the oil level is done with a dipstick, which you’d have to borrow from a dealer.

(Eric Capron) #3

You do really need to read all the codes and see the freeze frame data. The fact that this occurs after a few miles might indicate it is something to do with the transmission oil temperature which is closely monitored by the system.
The traction control system is also involved and the ABS unit provides an input to the TCM. You could see if the fault still happens if you turn off the Traction Control before starting out on a journey but I think the key to this will be seeing what the fault information is.

(motorcarman) #4

When these cars were new, I repaired many for GEARBOX OVERTEMP DTC in warranty. Low mileage had little to do with it. The gearbox was not actually over temperature, just a faulty sensor.

The thermistor is part of the harness so that required a replacement on the internal harness.

Guessing can get expensive so I agree that a proper diagnosis with a reading of the fault codes is the way to go.

Could be mechanical or electronic??