Gearbox Guru Sugestiions

Can anyone point me in the direction of a shop that can swap or repair manual gearbox on XKE S1 3.8 or XKE S3 V12?

Many thanks!


The lack of a travel radius implies you are willing to take the Jag a considerable distance. Since you show your location as Buffalo NY, is it logical to assume you are looking for a resource close by – say, at least in the New England area??

John Esposito.
Quantum Mechanics LTD.

315 Riggs Street, Building A Unit 3

Oxford, Ct. 06478

Phone 203-463-8299

He is excellent.

Hi Craig. Yes, I’m prepared to haul or ship the car to a reputable shop. Of course, closer would be better, but I’m not discouraged by 500 to 1000 miles from my home in Buffalo for the right expertise.

Thanks for the observation; Glad I could clarify.

Thanks Robert. I will reach out to John.

Another option just outside Boston - Don

Custom Transportation
Wakefield, MA 01880
+1 (781) 246-7444

He did engine and IRS work on my Series III OTS back in '85-'86.
Drop my name

Hi Craig. Had a long conversation with don today after I mentioned your name. Thanks for the referral. He was very helpful. Sent me a couple of pictures of the diorama he created. Cool stuff!

Can he help you with your transmission issue(s)?

Yes. He is looking into if I need to remove gearbox to access the drive gear to replace.

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What gear do you think needs to be replace? There’s not a single gear in the Jaguar 4 speed gearbox that can be replaced without removing the gearbox; no looking into it to confirm that.

If its the Drive Gear on the Main Shaft for the speedo drive, then you have a chance, but all gears inside the gearbox housing, no chance.



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See this thread from the same poster:

It seems likely that this is, indeed, the gear Walter is talking about on his S3.