Gearbox weight with overdrive

Hi all,
I have an overdrive gearbox which has to go to the US.Does someone has a good idea of the weight?
Will the length of the whole be much shorter with bellhouse and overdrive removed?

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EDIT: Is it the long Moss box and Type A overdrive or the shorter 4/Synchro and Compact Type A? I can measure exactly for you. The bell is only about half an inch longer than the input shaft so it is best to leave it on as protection.unless he doesn’t want it, in which case the box is slightly easier to strap flat on its side to a pallet. The risky part is the alloy bracket at the top cover where the gear stick attaches - this gets broken if exposed.

Shorter 4- synchro; I have a strong plastic transport box where it probaly would fit in with bellhouse and entry shaft removed. I tried to weigh it,arrived at about 60 Kg.
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60 kg is about right with packing box. Had one poke the input shaft through solid plywood. God knows how they handle these things when nobody’s looking and they are late for a game…

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To package smashers–er, handlers, “Fragile” = ‘throw underhanded.’


My Moss box for the etype was right at 140 pounds (with shipping box). Almost threw my back out trying to get it on the UPS scale…Im getting old…JS Atlanta, GA

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60 kg inc packing is slightly less than 140, but a 4-S synchro and Compact type A is a bit lighter than the longer Moss combo. If you wind up needing Moss spare parts for your E I have quite a nice gearbox you could cannibalise…

Thanks Peter, will let you know about the parts…should know something by the first of nest week. JS

sure felt sweet scooping up a 37kg W57 like a sleeping infant from the freight depot and putting in the boot of a sedan

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Yeah, I have two alloy boxes for Jags and they are nice to handle.

Meanwhile, I have a huge all-iron LT1 blocking one bay and slowly destroying the pallet it arrived on. I could lose hundreds of pounds fitting an all alloy motor instead, but I need the front weight and grunt to keep the looong Roadmaster wagon’s towing capabilities. Not looking foward to that job :frowning: