Generator for mk9

Hello need some help on which generator is needed for my mk9
The car does not have one at present and I was hoping that someone could confirm that I need a type 45 or 48
My chassis number is 791646BW
If anyone had a photo or two of the generator in place that would be great as well
Any thought on an alternator conversion??

Pardon me if I am unsure if all Mark 9s had power steering but if yours does you will need a generator with the P/S pump mounting at the back cover. My power steering '65 3.8S uses the C48 version.

Hi john
Thanks for your reply
Yes mine does have power steering so it will need the coupling to the pump
Is the set up on a mk2 similar?
I’ve been struggling to find information on The Mk9 on the net

I believe so, but I believe there were two different size generators (and part numbers) that would accommodate the pump. I see these generators appear from time to time on Ebay.

Have a look here - possible solution - PS versions available.

I also have a Mk9 with original setup with regards to generator with added ps pump at the rear.
I have read about coversions to alternator, where the orig ps pump has been mounted on the back of the alternator. Can´t remember where I read it, but it involves a specially fabricated plate between the alternator and ps pump. Don´t recall what alternator was used.

Thanks for your reply
This conversion for the alternator looks like being complicated so I will look for the original set up

My parts book is a bit confusing over the type of generator but as it has to provide the drive for the power steering pump I think I’ll stick with an original set up once I’m sure of what unit I need also need to find the brackets and pulley wheel!!

I think it was an Hitachi alternator which had a vacume pump on the back which could be taken off and the Holborn Eaton PWS pump substituted.

I currently have both my MK9 generator and pump separated and on the bench in my shed. The pump is driven by a simple dog drive from a slot in the dynamo armature which protrudes from the back of it. The pump is attached to 3 BSF studs which bolt into the dynamo back plate. I can send some photos if you wish.

Hello Wardell
Thanks for your reply
Some photos would be a great help, can you confirm the generator type please, I just wish to avoid buying the wrong one!

It’s a C45 PV6. It will be the same generator as on the MK2 and Stype. Although I believe the pump may differ on the models in the way the pressure connection is situated.

This is perfect
I have the same power steering pump and driving dogs
I can now confidently look for a C45 generator
This restoration is proving a giant exercise in puzzle solving!!
Thanks for your help

I have a setup based on a Delco 10SI alternator with a drive shaft adapter welded on and an aluminum face plate to which the pump is mounted.
I am not sure of its provenance but I think it came of XKS Unlimited over 20 years ago
It is a very nice set up.

Sorry I meant to add a picture

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I use that puzzle analogy regularly when describing my 1957 MK VIII restoration project. When I got the car in 2005 it had a lot of parts missing but it also had a lot of extra parts from other MK VII/VIII/IX/? stored inside the cabin and boot. The attached picture shows the day it was towed to my house after being stored since 1975.

So in my case I am working on a puzzle that didn’t have a picture on the box, it had a bunch of pieces missing from the box, but it also had a lot of extra pieces from other puzzles inside the box. So sorting out what pieces belong to this puzzle and which ones don’t is a challenging part of the project.
Here is how my MK VIII looks today in my garage, over the nose of my E-Type FHC. Unfortunately, I haven’t worked on my MK VIII for a few years as it waits patiently as I work on the servicing, repairs, and restorations of my other Jaguars. I hope to get back to it later this year. That would be nice.


thanks for the inspiration Paul!

So folks
I have been offered a Lucas generator with the number 22528A is this suitable? It has the drive for power steering pump at rear?

What is the difference between 22528A and a 22803?


Just guessing. It might be down to the type of bearing used, wether or not it’s shielded. If it has the drive my guess it will be ok.
I put some pictures on this site earlier in the year, of my Mk9 generator and pump.
The pumps on the MK2 and Stype range seem to differ from the Mk9.
Clearance on the early mk9s is very tight with regard to the front exhaust manifold and it pump feed connection from the reservoir. Different swept back manifolds were fitted later to gain a bit more room.
Could take some photos if you need them.

I’m told that it came either from a mk7 or mk9 so I’m assuming it will be ok
I don’t have the bracket that bolts to the side of the block to check exact fit
Will probably have to make if I can’t find one perhaps someone will be able to provide the dimensions please