Generator went south, has anyone tried this?

Well the price is right and they also sell a “dummy” control box to replace the RB340.

Unless you need more amps (and that listing does not say what the stealth alternator produces) I would be inclined to have the generator rebuilt.

I have not used one of those units but reports from another marque (TR) suggests they are not as reliable as a good old generator.

It seems too cheap to me, about half the hoping rate, but if it lasts, great. Not sure why a dummy box is needed at all. You should be able to leave the old one there and just not use it.

Yep, you usually get what you pay for…dont really need the dummy box, just makes a cleaner install (from what I understand). It appears that my old generator is totally trashed. Can get a new amarture, but that alone is over $300. Just looking at options

I’m surprised you found a new armature. Last time I hunted I could only find a “rebuilt” one, and even that place (Wilson rebuilders in Canada) is out of business now. Check with the Ebay seller max071492

Edit: Terry’s has a rebuilt C42 for $290

Edit2: I’d also say that the Dynator Terry’s sells for $454 looks a more stock, with the correct rear terminals and the brush inspection belt around the side.

I have a few Rover genniess, in decent shape, that are the same, if ya need parts.

Paul, PM sent, Erica, wow thats a great price for a rebuild. thanks JS

Years ago when I needed a generator rebuilt on my 63, I had a shop that knew what they were doing and put in Rover internals to put the output to a whopping 35 amps instead of the original 25. Ran that alternator till the day I sold the car without issues.

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Interesting : wonder if that’s just happenstance, or the Rover was designed as such.

Overall, the Rover has fewer electrical loads (no electric fuel pump).

There are a couple of different ones on the market. The “Dynator” is crazy expensive but I have seen others for around this price. I have no experience with them as I always use the original generators.I have had armatures rewound in the past but you would need to find someone who does it.

Heh. At the prices you guys consider reasonable, I’m wondering how difficult it would be to simply cram a GM CS130 into the generator housing! Have to worry about venting it, obviously.

Well, there is an obvious difference in diameters of the two armatures, which would preclude an easy swap-in, into the much skinnier generator.

I’ve got a Dynalite kit you could have. PM please


Thanks Peter, PM sent. JS

Had one on our 1962 Thunderbird. It worked great, but… was from quite a few years ago and we know stuff doesn’t always get better.

A little silly, as the AC compressor was not the old crappy one, so why worry about a part you can hardy see when the AC unit is in front of God and everybody…

Just heard from my shop…they were able to find a NOS armature, so along with a new front bearing, rear bushing and a field coil, all they are using is my housing…should be good as new.

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Good. Original is always a good option. By coincidence I dug out the Dynalite parts last night and found I have the complete RAC014 positive earth kit plus instructions, and two extra pulleys for the Rob Beere micro vee belt kit it was fitted with… I’ll advertise them.

I had my original alternator rebuilt and it should last the rest of my lifetime.


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Should. I had mine rebuilt and it lasted 5 years (granted, that was 30,000 miles). The hole in the front plate got wallowed a bit and the 2nd rebuild required machining for an oversized bearing. Not sure how that happened as I really do not run the belt tight.

Back in the day, we 'rebuilt" our generators. Some quite primitive, only an on/off cut off. Feeble 6 v output in amps adjusted by the movable third brush. clean them up, new bearing, bushing and brushes, do the armature contacts and most would work. Bench test, apply 6 v. it motors, it is probably going to create amps. But, once mounted apply 6 v as it turns. Known as polarization !!

Next generation. Same but with two brushes only. Three coil regulators. With the proper kit, the device could be adjusted…

When I worked at the full service station, the neighbor business rebuilt motors and generators from little auto devices to the really big ones… Included armature rewinds…