Getrag 265 gear lever

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Description: I m looking for a gear lever to be used on an E Type 3 equipped with a getrag gearbox

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Location: France

Contact information: PM me please.

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Hi Michel, have you seen the type of lever you need? It is not a Getrag part, it has to be custom made. Is your gearbox a short 265 or the long tail version

Hi Peter,
My gearbox is a short one. Do you have one for this kind of box ?

Not now but I did put one in my S2 OTS.

I can show photos and make drawings but am very busy with deadlines for the next week. PM me.

I may be able to help you. I have a 71 Series 3 E-Type that is a four speed car. The engine and transmission have been removed and long gone but the shifter handle is still in place. I don’t think I’ll be using it for the project. I can take some photos if you’d like. I would need a cell # to transmit the photos.


Hi Stephen - remember it well. I’ve met other Jag folks at the same spot a couple of times.

I think Michel wants info of making up a special short Getrag stick, which your long Getrag box in an XJS wouldn’t have used/needed.

Could be wrong.

I’m not talking about the Getrag box I got from you. I have a series 3 E-type that is a four speed car. Whoever removed the engine and trans left the shift lever in the car. I believe they unbolted it from the transmission and left it.