Getrag 265 to Smiths speedometer cable

Hello - I have a Proteus C type with a Getrag 265 5 speed. The installed speedo cable was modified to drive a rally computer and is now making noises. I want to replace it (ignoring the rally computer input) and need help identifying a cable to fit the right-angle drive on the box, and the Smiths gauge.

Thank you


Hi Robert,
I have a lot of experience with the getrags in a jaguar, so can may be help. Can you tell wich Getrag 265 you have : the short one of a BMW or the long one out of a XJS or even GM ?
Normally does a angle drive not fit at a bmw box, or it has a special tacho drive fitted. At a ex XJS you can fit direct a angle drive as used at the e type etc: use a standard jaguar cable.
If you can make some pics , it would be possible to identify. Regards Roger

I can tell you that the Smiths end will be BSB or BSC, you’ll have to measure the diameter. The threads all have 26 pitch, and are often confused for metric 1mm pitch.