Getrag top bolt

I’ve just changed the fluid in my getrag 290. I did it via the bolt hole on the top that’s in front of the shifter. As seen in photo. When I went to do it back up, the thread has disappeared :frowning:
What function does this bolt have?

I’m guessing it holds that little stub shaft in place. After you removed the bolt, the shaft probably turned around, showing you a blank side. Your only chance is to try turning the gears and see if the threads reappear. Otherwise you’re in deep #@#$.

Why on Earth did you remove this bolt to change fluid? Isn’t there a proper fill plug in the Getrag?

Yes. Fill/level and a drain. Bit hard to get at and usually a large female hex plug. Not surprised he tried just lifting the console, but being in possession of a manual it is odd not to follow procedure. Am surprised filling was possible. I’ve had two manual XJSs and two X300 and fitted a 265 to an E-type but would never attempt to work on them otheer than lube, speed drive (if fitted) and front/rear seals. The Getrags explode into a pile of parts if dismantled wrongly,

“Why on Earth did you remove this bolt to change fluid?”

i read on a forum somewhere that this was how to do it. stupid i know.

i’ve since taken apart the gearbox to get the bolt that fell inside and have put it all back together properly.

back on the road.lesson learned.

So, what did that bolt thread into? I can’t tell from that exploded diagram.

It bolted into a Semi circular retainer that is positioned above the internal shifter linkage. Luckily I am quite dexterous and have very masculine lady like thin fingers so managed to reach in get it into place.