Getting P1000 need P1111

not sure what is needed…2000xk8…trying to get thu emissions…I have read bout the drive cycles…I have over 300 miles so far.
I had the codes read at advance auto…only thing I was told was that the thermostate was not allowing the engine to reach proper temp.
question 1
Does the engine need to reach proper temp in order for the computer to read the other codes??
emissions testing site keeps telling me the on board computer is not ready…

I did replace the battery a few months ago…I only drive the car occasionlly…however the car runs perfectly…no codes, no engine light…does not go into limp mode above 3000rpms…

appears only code that showed up was the “engine not reaching normal temp”

not a very savy mechanic…just love the car…also not wealthy…lol…seems to be a owner requirement sometimes

Thanks in advance for any and all feedback
Steve…retired army !SG

“no codes, no engine light”

appears only code that showed up was the “engine not reaching normal temp”

The DTC P0128 is the usual EPA ‘WHINE’ about the engine not reaching operating temp or NOT FAST ENOUGH.

A good first try would be a new thermostat?

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sorry should have mentoned i have replaced thermostate and coolant…

Is there a sensor for the thermostat other than the dash gauge…

Are the fans running when they shouldn’t?

Everything is working…i was told that if the engine temp does not reach normal operating range the rest of the drive test would not complete…
I have replaced the thermostat … I was wondering if there is sensor to relays the temp to the control module that could be sending the wrong reading…
When i put a code reader on i only get p1000 and the code for engine temp…
I have been told to just keep driving and i will get to p1111

Thanks in advance