Getting the best out of standard suspension components for touring driving today

I would be a little wary of full PU mounts, we used to used PU as the stripping medium on tool dies and after a while the constant compression- release caused internal heat to build up and they eventually exploded.
There may not be sufficient reversal forces happening in normal driving to cause it but just a cautionary tale.

Good to know, thanks for that!

Do you recall what level of force and displacement you were using?

Sorry no, this was 25 years ago.

My calculations suggest bending of the 19mm bar contributes about 5-10% of the force from torsion, at the wheel. That’s about the same region as the rubber wishbone bushings, so I’d consider it small but not completely negligible.

Perhaps more interesting than the actual numbers was that the bending action seems to reduce the torsion effect, so the total stiffness is less than would be obtained with the same size bar working in pure torsion (eg D-type?). That conclusion is part objective, part subjective, I’m open to correction from anyone with better data as usual.

So overall the mongrel twisty-bendy nature of the bar makes it slightly less efficient but doesn’t affect its performance much. It does push it further up the short list of things I don’t admire about the E-type.

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There he goes again, with the engineer speak.


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Sorry, I had to simplify the vocabulary during my time working with non-native English speakers.

I mean the Michigan years, of course.