Getting these notices again

When I open someone else’s post I’ve got this maybe a dozen times today.

Clicking on retry opens the post.

I’ve also got the “editing in another” window warning once today.

Was there a recent update?

Hm, yes. I updated at the same time I installed the emoji reactions.


I’ve been trying to replicate this, but can’t. It could be a time-of-day/traffic kind of thing.

I’ve scoured the logs, but can’t find anything. Except… the one thing I did see was that yesterday we had a lot of page views from “anonymous” users and crawlers. Looks like today is going to be the same:

(Note: those are just what Discourse calls anonymous users. This excludes known bots and logged in users.)

You can see how yesterday was exceptional and today is shaping up to be similar.

Time of day/traffic wouldn’t explain the “Message is open in another window” edit warning, would it?

Would it help to note and report the time of day it happens.

Thankfully we aren’t getting a 601 error message, , , yet. :smiley:

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I don’t know if this is a clue, but I got that warning several times yesterday during the time when I was creating a new post. I couldn’t figure out how someone else could be editing a post that I hadn’t created or posted yet, so I ignored the notices They popped up every few minutes.

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The good news: I just experienced pretty much all of the above within a period of a couple of minutes. I was able to find some clues in the logs, since I knew the exact time it happened.

The bad news: this is - at least partly - caused by our site being hammered by bots. The amount of traffic hitting the site, from a variety of IP addresses so hard to block, is insane.

There’s a limit to how much I can do about this, but I’m trying.


I just got it 3 times in 5 minutes creating one response.

Who hates jaguars enough to repeatedly wage a denial of service bot attack?

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Excellent question, but I’ll quote Hanlon’s razor here: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” If it were a true DoS attack, we’d know.

EDIT: Performing a reboot and update now.

EDIT 2: Turns out your question has an answer: Amazon.

# grep Amazonbot access.log | wc -l

And that’s from a log file that’s only 8 hours and 45 minutes old.

Why the &*^% is Amazon indexing sites other than their own? My guess would be because they’re busy building an LLM. Just a guess, mind you.

Hanlon needs an update. Let’s see: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by greed.”

Yup, that’s better.


I’m not an IT guy. What is an LLM?

( As I typed this I got the below notice 3 times)

Large Language Model. What many people are breathlessly declaring to be AI. Examples are ChatGPT and Claude.

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Are you telling me Amazon is harvesting data so they can bombard me with “relevant” ads the next time I visit Amazon’s web site?

Any improvements in the last hour or so?

I’ve throttled Amazon’s bot and a couple of others I’d never even heard about.

(I left this post editing window up, half typed, for over half an hour with no pop-ups.)

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Been at least 45 minutes since I last saw it. You’re pretty good at this site administration stuff :+1:


So soon there will be a new AI that immediately goes off course and invents new problems to the question! I think it’s much better now, thank you, unbelievable

I’ve noticed the same thing, happening on and off for the better part of a year. I just chalked it up to all the various 1s and 0s in between me and the source code! Now I know.

Nothing so far.

I vote we call it, “Heillisen’s Corrolary.”

That image immediately conjures up a mental movie, based upon the definition of the word meaning ‘to attack or to strangle.’


You only need to put 2 engineers in room to get that without AI.