Gift Suggestions

Gifts for the Jaguar enthusiast.

A request today, from family members for gift suggestions for my upcoming birthday and the holiday brought to mind Jaguar related publications and/or unusual equipment?

Has you received a book or magazine that you have found particularly helpful, enjoyable or interesting relating to your car? Or some unusual tool or piece of equipment??


I often instruct my sons to buy tools by sending them an Ebay link,

examples IR gun, electronic angle finder, metric flare wrenchs, etc etc

lol if I didnt, i would probably get nothing!

Aaah the potlatch of Christmas… We all got the greatest gift of all …

That would be me, I know.

Depends on what you like to read, etc. something like a manual or rather an autobiography or rather some parts?

Original Jaguar XJ, The Restorer’s Guide by Nigel Thorley.


I get two weeks off, from haulin’ my lil darlins…:wink:

Interesting, as you will someday look back on those days as the best time of your life; although it may not appear that way now. :}

Lou, being childless, I am grateful for all the little ones who call me, “Grampa.”


That old, I gotta hurry to CO!
A original user manual would be nice too if you don’t have one anymore.

I get that!! My kids did not reproduce!!

But, I got a call yesterday, "Grandpa, this is Mike…

Sorry Mike, you must have the wrong number…


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Who knows, Carl, maybe you don’t have all information;-)

A nice spin-off this thread has yielded … In fact, I remember to have dispelled a very nice lady many moons ago with the poorly reflected statement that I’d love to have grand children, but not necessarily kids. From hindsight I was dead wrong, so you better reconsider your priorities, David:-)


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

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Aye, the thought did occur to me for a brief moment.

I did get an early Xmas gift. My driver’s license is renewed. Eyes fixed and meet the DMV requirement…
Must wear glasses when driving. OK, by me. Been doing that for a while.

Still seeing eye doc. New spec’s?? And a “poke in the eye”. Macular treatment.

Another gift. Our local utility has been doing preemptive power outtages. High winds in some areas. Threaten lines. Here, so far lights on. Not so in other areas…

But, no awful fires to destroy life and property.


Congratulations Carl,

not only for your successful eye surgery and the renewed driver’s license! - What on earth do adults in the US do, if their license isn’t renewed: bad enough? They may not drive a car any more, and to add insult to injury they won’t be admitted into bars or sold adult drinks as well;-)

Also nice to keep electric power!

Have a nice week end


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Thanks, Jochen:

No licence does limit one’s activities. Our public transportation exists, but still an issue as to errands and such. DMV will issue a card as ID only. When my dear departed decided to give up driving, we got one for her.

And, the old folks among us that can not pass the DMV standard are usually not "carded’ and can enjoy an adult beverage.

Used get a laugh, when I shopped at a local “pharmacy”. They usually had a neat craft bier on sale.
The store policy was to card every one!!! That store is in boycott by me, at least for a time. Another tale for another day.

Yup, finishing up my Tax returns . Son urged me to use an on line program. Was doing OK on it til it stalled. I erred and it would not allow my fix?? But, fearing a power down I had printed out forms to do it the old way. My back up plan. So, that is the way it got done!!!

My Jeep got a new windshield. Gift, aka “bribe” buy son, condition, “renew the license”. slick two guys did it in my driveway. A little over an hour. Neat and clean.

I’ll miss the cracks!! Aiming points!!! but not the “light sand last”, Not bad in day light, but at night, added stars!!!

Now, catch up on housekeeping. errands. Wrestle with my band saw.

Saw a neat piece on TV last night!! 93 year old got bored in retirement and feared that no activity would be his downfall. Mortgaged his house to the hilt. Bucket list reopened. Established a bakery. flourishing. He and the business. Expansion to next door. Make ice cream…

His daughter concerned.

No I am not going to get my independent adjuster license back. But, limit my recliner time… Once know as “rocking chair”!!!

Enjoy your Saturday and Sunday…