Gilman & Co (Hong Kong Jaguar Dealer) 1950s & 1960s


I’m visiting form the E-Type forum. Over the last couple years I’ve been looking for info on the distributor of my car Gilman & Co Hong Kong. Unfortunately there is very little on the web that indicates that they ever existed.

I’ve just come across this research work which features a period photo of a Jaguar saloon outside the dealership. I thought I would share here.

Article / Source:



Thanks for posting! FWIW the car on the last page is an “EJ” model Holden (an Australian GM) made over a couple of years up to 1963. Looks moe modern than the Jaguar but had pedestrian (but reliable) running gear. Grew up in the model after. Paul

When I was in Rajasthan India in 2015 there was an old Holden under a carport at Rambagh Palace. Still had South Australian number plates on.